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About Us

Our Vision

To make a difference in the national and the international area to develop secure and educational software for children and the integration of information technologies for kids. To be a worldwide organization that shapes the future.

Our Mission

To teach algorithmic thinking to children, who are going to shape the future of our country, with informatics. To be a solution for the inequality of opportunity in education by raising a new generation who are integrated to the technology and who are able to solve problem rather than creating problem.

Our Goals

  • To raise a generation who has learned algorithmic way of thinking.
  • To teach problem-solving oriented thinking to children.
  • To shape the future by raising a generation who do not only use technology but also produce the technology.
  • To be a solution for the inequality of opportunity in education and society by teaching technology to advantageous and disadvantageous children.

Our Values

Integrity, transparency, fairness and respect are the fundamental principles.

  • Being future-oriented and result-oriented: Our training and our software we developed are a results-oriented. This secures our future. In addition, our organization creates a solid foundation for social responsibility initiatives.
  • Initiative and determination: We act by taking initiative, take entrepreneur responsibilities, and follow our goals resolutely.
  • Fair treatment: We work with our employees and with our business partners in a fair way and we see this fair approach as the fundamental principle of our corporate success.
  • Openness and trust: We do communication of important issues of our organization unsubtly and in time. Thus, we create a cooperation based on trust.
  • Reliability and credibility: We only make promises that we can fulfill what we promised, and we see it as our duty. We comply with the law in all our business dealings.
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